ROOM WE LOVE: A Well-Traveled Nursery

Kelley Lentini, co-owner of House of Nomad, leans into her globally-inspired style for her son’s nursery
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Photos courtesy of Laura Sumrak

For her son Romer’s nursery, Kelley Lentini wanted to incorporate whimsical, modern design elements to create a space that could grow alongside her little boy. She didn’t have to look far for the all-important crib and rocker—her husband, Brad, is a co-founder of Nurture&, a non-toxic, “life-proof” line of nursery furniture. She complimented those pieces with items she sourced from her travels to Peru, Mexico, Morocco, and beyond, along with a few key pieces from House of Nomad. “I felt like I had a little client, so I was thinking about him even though we hadn’t met yet,” Kelley says. “I had this sense of what I hope he experiences on our travels as a family, so  all of these things—even things I got on trips when pregnant with him—tell a story.”


When Kelley and Brad found out they were having a boy, they converted their workout room into a nursery. “Regardless of gender, I wanted to feel this sense of retreat,” Kelley says. “I didn’t want it to scream boy with trains or bears. There’s warm and cool tones, so it could lend itself to either.” She chose a patterned wallpaper from Spoonflower that married her love of waves and Japanese culture, and a colorful area rug to anchor the space. “I love the 70s vibe, with pinks, yellows, browns,” she says. “It felt like the sand and a sunset and has that earthy element that I like.” 


Kelley worked with a lighting designer she found on Etsy to create the pendant light. “It’s all made in Italy,” she says. “You pick the colors and they wrap the frame of it for you.” The three-arm antique brass floor light with glass globes is one she sells through the House of Nomad, and the lamp is from 214 Modern Vintage in High Point. “I got it during Market last year, but it’s open year round, and open to the public,” she says. “It’s a great option for truly cool vintage lighting and decor.” 


The white modular bookshelf and mirror with the curved green frame are from Urban Outfitters, and the canvas yucca tree beside the crib was handmade in the Philippines. “It felt a little Dr. Seuss,” Kelley says. “It’s playful but still chic, and you don’t have to worry about watering it.” The bubble ottoman and textured cement side table are both House of Nomad, and the blackout panels hang on a brass curtain rod from CB2. “The first few days home with him, that is the only room I wanted to be in,” Kelley says. “It’s like a little haven for the two of us to get to know each other.” 

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