We have kickoff….

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Today is the official start of the 2015 Fit Family Challenge and I started my day off in a big way, spin class at Flywheel @ 7:30am. If anyone has ever taken a spin class, you know that it is both fun and hard. Our instructor Morgan kept us positive and upbeat especially when my legs were begging me to sit (I swear I heard them say; Please sit, please, please, please).  The fun part of the class is the music and the fact that you are in darkness so no one can see you cursing :).  Just kidding, no cursing came from me, maybe a couple of Woohoos! and the occasional grunt, especially going up the hills. If you have not tried a class yet, I highly recommend it. Flywheel in Charlotte is a great facility that has both spin and barre as well as some wicked cute workout clothes. Hey if you have to workout, you might as well look cute doing it, right? During the Fit Family Challenge you can check out the gym for Free (you heard me right, FREE!). Just head on over to charlotteparent.com and find the link for Fit Family Challenge Fitness Classes and you get points for attending. Make sure you register first to download your free class pass. WOOT WOOT!

Ok, so enough about all that. Let’s get to the really good stuff…weigh-in. I weighed in yesterday and am down 9% body fat since I started working with Devan Kline from Burn Bootcamp. I’m pretty stoked about that and I plan on making that percentage bigger and bigger. Now this challenge is obviously not just about me; it’s about changing my whole family. Although the kids do no participate at Burn currently, they will be participating in the Kidz Camp for the duration of the challenge. It will be a great way for the kids to learn how strong they really are and what they can do when they put negative talk out of their heads. I am really looking forward to seeing them participate in the program. My husband is not a Bootcamp kind of guy. He figures he did the real thing in Basic Training and doesn’t care to revisit it. And that’s fine;  every exercise is not for everyone. He loves free weights and the bike, so I let him be. As long as he is active doing something, I’m happy and he’s happy because it keeps me off his back.

The kids have been as active as ever. Now that spring break is over, they are back at swimming and lacrosse. The break was good for them to recharge and sleep in, but I could tell by the end of the week they were itching to get back to their sports and games.

As much as I love to watch them play and am happy that they have sports they really enjoy, it makes it tough to meal plan and eat as a family. We have been working really hard to eat as a family at the kitchen table (aka…laundry folding table in a previous life) at a reasonable time (5:30-6:00); it doesn’t always happen when practices run long or a make-up game pops up. I have been improvising a lot and doing pretty good. There have been mess-ups/dinners out, but we have been able to limit those to once a weekend. After meeting with Tricia, I have come up with a plan of attack for those days I know that we won’t be able to eat together as a family. I have created a list of go-to quick meals that I can make ahead of time during the day and warm up when someone gets hungry. Here’s an example:

Tacos (who doesn’t love Tacos, right) – I made the taco meat earlier in the day and threw it in some Tupperware and put in the fridge. I knew my daughter had musical theater until 5:30 and my husband would be working late, so I took out enough for my son and I and saved the rest from when the other 2 came home. Everyone was well fed, there were leftovers for my husband for lunch and we all finished dinner before 6:30.

Tracey – 1                            Late night dinner/fast food – 0

For some parents it may not be possible to cook during the day since you are physically in the office. I am fortunate that I work from home, so I can cook during the day, but you can still get dinner prepared ahead of time; it just takes a little more planning. For instance, plan your menu for the week on Sunday and prep some of the food on Sunday night. They way, you just need to heat up on those hectic days.

It has not been all puppy dogs and roses though. It’s hard to make changes in a family that is very set in their ways. The kids still want their junky snack food and my husband still wants his Diet Coke, but we have cut way down on both and I still have yet to bring soda into the house. Making small changes are what will make us successful in the long run and a positive attitude will go a long way.

ffc_blogfooter2.pngTracey Bacon and her family are new to Charlotte and want to get healthy in their new home. The Bacons are participating in the 2015 Fit Family Challenge and chronicling their healthy family journey along the way. Learn more about the Bacons and their healthy family goals, and follow along with their progress in the Fit Family Challenge blog.

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