Up for the Challenge

Ffc Jessica 001

WHEW! Well, as my husband wrote in our last blog, things have been CRAZY!!! We are always up for a challenge, but life has definitely thrown us plenty of them right now! Between commitments, responsibilities, our boys, fitness, work, home life, etc. I am beyond stressed and exhausted.

Last night, Tim stayed up all night doing a few repairs and painting so that our house can go on the market this week. Putting our less than two-year-old house on the market has been a very fast and unexpected decision. We knew when we moved into our home that we built we were not happy with the quality. Traffic from five new neighborhoods popping up (LOVELY neighbors) plus a homewoners association led us to finally decide one night very recently that we want to move.

Not trying to rant about my life, but all of the above affects fitness and health. Time management is so difficult with a extremely busy life. We never have a dull moment or a second to breathe. I have always been an active person. I love a busy lifestyle and always doing something, but every once and awhile, I need a break. I need "me" time and I do not get it. This week I am getting my tush into some of the Fit Family Challenge FREE classes! I am so excited to try Pushpointe and Faith Fitness Studio. I am ready (or I think I am) for Boot Camp! I have my schedule and ready to go get some "me" time in. I also made a schedule for Tim to try some classes. The boys have been very active outside. They spend every chance they can riding their bicycles and Ziggle outside.

I need to go grocery shopping! Getting my grocery list together tonight and getting it done first thing in the morning. Patricia, our nutritionist, sent us some healthy recipes to try out. We will also be taking Maureen's, our Wellness Coach, Harris Teeter Online Shopping class on May 4th! Tim and I are excited to learn more about online shopping, sale circulations and couponing! I have a laundry list of things to accomplish by the end of the day and it's already 6 p.m. I look forward to hopefully seeing some Fit Family Challenge participants at some of the free classes and events!Jessica McMasters with her sons Sullivan and Micah.