The Cram Family: Summer, Here We Come!

Branton Tara Lc 003

The Cram family continues to enjoy the Fit Family Challenge. One of the children has been (like many of us!) struggling a bit with seasonal allergies. As many parents know, this can be a real challenge when trying to enjoy outdoor family activities. However, treatment with a long-acting antihistamine has helped, and the Crams have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather in Charlotte.

They are planning a trip to Topsail this summer and look forward to being outside and active. Kelsey and I have been truly impressed with how this family has made quality family time and fitness a priority. And, they are doing so in a fun way! They’ve told us they are anticipating an active summer together.

Now that spring is officially here, our team’s dietitian, Kelsey Knasel, from Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville, suggested a special treat for the kids to prepare AND eat!

Frozen Blueberry Snacks

Fresh blueberries
Greek yogurt

Simply dip blueberries (or any fruit that the children like) in yogurt. Place them on a baking sheet or plate covered with wax paper. Place the baking sheet or plate into the freezer until frozen. Enjoy! 

Looking for more healthy recipes the family will love?
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