The Cram Family: Staying Active and Battling Pollen

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The Cram family continues to enjoy the Fit Family Challenge. The four kids are all active in spring sports teams, and, of course, that means lots of outside time. It can also mean lots of exposure to pollen and seasonal allergies! Because one of the children suffers from allergies, we spent some time this week talking about prevention and treatment.

I suggested a couple different over-the-counter medications. I also recommend using nasal saline at least two times a day, and particularly prior to bed, to just flush out any allergens that their child may be breathing in and out. Another strategy is to have the children bathe and wash their hair before bed every night – this helps wash the daily allergens off and prevents them from getting all over the sheets.

Mom and Dad ordered Shaun T’s T25™ DVD workout program – something we talked about in week one of the Fit Family Challenge. For the parents it’s a 25-minute, intense work-out program. The kids can also participate, doing a modified version of the workout. They are excited to start using that fun tool.

This week, our team’s dietitian, Kelsey Knasel, from Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville, discussed ways to get the children excited about eating healthy foods. Kelsey encouraged the family to start a backyard garden, letting the children pick what they’d like to plant and having them be responsible for tending!

Another kid-friendly strategy is to encourage each child to choose a fruit or veggie at the grocery store each week. This is a good way to fold new healthy foods into meals. Finally, a tried and true method to getting the family engaged in good eating is having the children help with cooking. Give each child a task to help with meal prep that is appropriate for their age and ability.

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