Online Shopping – It’s not just for clothes

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I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to attend a seminar put on through Harris Teeter and Maureen Carlomagno, my Wellness Coach. The purpose of the seminar was to outline the benefits of Harris Teeter’s online ordering service.

I have done the online ordering before in CT and had my groceries delivered, but was never really sold on the concept. I have even done the order online and pick up at the store and still not sold. So I went to the seminar with my reservations.  I walked in thinking that this was going to be the same old same old; order online, pay $16.00 and change for delivery as long as you spend over a certain amount.  Is this really going to save me time and money? Will it be worth the aggravation of hunting an peaking for the items that I want and then waiting for them to be delivered or driving to the store and helping to load my groceries.

YES! YES! YES! I was more than pleasantly surprised at how easy the system is to use and the functionality available. Harris Teeter is one of the only grocery store chains in the area that offer this service, which is great for me since that is where I primarily shop.

The concept is easy… log on, click on the items you want and select a pick-up date/time. Easy, right? Well here is where is the rubber meets the road…the service is more of a concierge than a typical online ordering service. Here’s why I say that:

You can create lists (lists for everything and anything) to make shopping quicker. I created a list of staple items I buy every week. I go in and select all and I’m done with that portion of my shopping.

If you order a cake/deli platter, etc. your online shopper can bring everything out to you. No need to go inside for just those items. There is no minimum purchase.  You can order 1 item or 100. Same price! $4.95 per order or there’s a monthly option or yearly option.

Have a prescription  – they can bring it out to you (great for when you have a sick child!) They will bring you Starbucks & a cookie (seriously, you had me at Starbucks!) Like to use recycled bags (drop them off when you pick up and they will keep them for you for your next order.) You don’t get out of your CAR!!  Let me say that again… YOU DON’T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!! Pull up to the kiosk, press the button. Groceries are brought out to you.

If you have not tried online shopping yet, I highly recommend it. The first order charge of $4.95 is waived, so why not try something that could potentially save you time, money and stress.

My grocery bill has gone down, the time it takes me to shop has gone down and my stress level has gone down because now I am not trying to fit going to the grocery store into my already packed schedule.

Happy Shopping!!!!

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