How to Handle Your Homework With Care

Practical ways to enhance the quality of your homework that will lead to a grade boost.
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A little extra attention in doing homework can go a long way with teachers.

To the majority of students, homework feels like a chore. It is an obstacle that gets in the way of their free time. When homework is viewed with such resentment, it makes sense why one would rush through the experience, and feel anger, indifference, or impatience along the way.

Students who receive A’s and B’s on assignments don’t enjoy this responsibility any more than students who receive C’s and D’s, but they have developed a process that demonstrates care. When you send the message to your teacher that you take pride in your work, it will greatly influence their decision-making process when it comes time for grading papers, tests, and exams. The difference between receiving a C+ versus a B- or a B+ versus an A- is one silly point! Teachers are more likely to grade in your favor if you have consistently demonstrated care.

By simply adding an extra five-ten minutes to your nightly homework routine, you have the power to send the message to your teacher that you want to do well and this will pay off when it is time to receive final grades.

Here are some effective ways to give your homework a quality boost.

Read the Directions

Underline the action words in the directions of the assignment. Afterward, break the directions down into a checklist format and then check off each item as it is completed.

The message I am sending my teacher: I pay attention to details

Comprehend Your Reading

After each paragraph, write down one word or short phrase in the margins. For example:

  • An adjective that describes the main character
  • A conflict, problem, or solution to either
  • A repeated message or idea (theme)

The message I am sending my teacher:  I want to learn

Incorporate Your Class Notes

Add one key detail and vocabulary word that your teacher has reviewed in class into each paragraph of your written assignment. Add this into your checklist if it helps.

The message I am sending my teacher: I listen during class discussions

Prepare for Class Participation

Write down one question and one comment connected to your homework assignment into your notebook so you are prepared to participate in class.

The message I am sending my teacher: I want to contribute to the classroom conversation

Hand in Your Homework

Place your homework in an easily accessible folder so it doesn’t get lost or crumpled in your backpack. For digital assignments, add this task to your checklist, set a daily reminder on your phone, or place a post-it in your designated study space that says, “Did you submit your homework?”

The message I am sending my teacher: I follow through on tasks

Never underestimate the power of showing your teacher that you care.