Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids

You don't have to spend lots of time or money on a cute kids costume. Check out these easy DIY costumes that can be made quickly.

As Halloween approaches, kids are getting excited about trick-or-treating and their upcoming costume. Avoid the last-minute scramble and assemble some of these easy costumes. Many of these costumes consist of items you already have lying around the house. You may need to do a little painting or head to a costume store for some accessories, but it shouldn't take long and it won't cost much money. 


"Inside Out" Characters

Many of the costumes from this flick are easy to assemble! Buy some wigs and hunt through your closet for all green clothes to become Disgust, all blue clothes and some glasses to become Sadness or a light green dress to become Joy.

A Moose

Animals costumes are usually easy. Find black, brown, nude or white colored clothing, draw on noses or whiskers and buy/fashion some animal ears (bunnies, cats, etc). If you want to make your little one a more original animal, try a moose. All you need is brown pants, a brown hoodie or hat, white gloves, stuffing and a bit of time. Simply stuff the gloves with stuffing and quickly sew them to the hoodie or hat. It can also be made with cardboard!

Photo courtesy of Erin Patrice O’Brien from Parent.com

A Unicorn

A unicorn costume is easy and enchanting. Find anything white, shimmery or rainbow-filled in your child’s closet and then cut wings from cardboard. All you have to do to complete the costume is get a unicorn headband. You can either order one online or go to a craft store for a Styrofoam cone, headband, paint and glue.

A Smurf

If you’re child loved the Smurf movies then you’re in luck. You’ve found one of the easiest costumes to make. All you need is some white accessories and blue paint. Then buy a Smurf hat. Wigs optional.

A Jellyfish

Do you have a clear or solid colored umbrella around? Then you have a perfect squid or jellyfish costume at your fingertips. Just tape on streamers or ribbons and add eyes. Then have your child dress up in all white (and a tutu if you have it).


Making an Olaf costume is as easy as making a snowman. For your "Frozen" fan, buy a white hoodie, black and white construction paper, black pipe cleaners, orange paint and a Styrofoam cone. Best of all, your child can easily help assemble the costume with you. Get them to trace circles and paint the orange carrot nose.


Lego lovers will enjoy this simple costume. Find an old cardboard box and some plastic cups. Cut some holes, glue the cups and get your child to paint their own costume.

Dr. Seuss Characters

Dr. Seuss characters are wacky and wonderful, and thankfully they’re also easy to recreate. Get a box and balloons and imitate "Oh! The Places You’ll Go," or buy an orange hoodie, sunglasses and yellow yarn to become the Lorax.

Photo Courtesy of Krissy DiCampello on Pinterest

A Lumberjack

You likely already own jeans and a flannel for your little guy. Now just make or buy a toy axe and buy or draw on a fake beard.

A Scuba Diver

If you’ve got a child who loves the water, then consider making this scuba diver costume. Take the goggles out from summer storage, spray paint some plastic bottles and dress your children in black.

A Witch

When in doubt stick to Halloween classics. Buy a witch’s hat, dress your child in black and hand her a broom.

A Mummy

Pick up a roll of white gauze at the pharmacy to create this classic Halloween costume. Just draw on some dark eyes and a stitched mouth and you’ve got yourself a mummy.


Next just buy some candy, get a basket and head out to trick-or-treat. Happy Halloween!