Busy, busy, busy and a bit overwhelmed.

Ffc Jessica

Hi! I am going to start by saying this past week was a bit overwhelming! I am sure it was the same for a lot of families between planning for the Easter holiday and Spring Break and traveling and more.  My week was a bit crazy in the fact Fort Mill was on Spring Break, but Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools were in session.  So I was off of work (kind of), but my oldest, Micah, was still in school.  I did work a Spring Break camp with Bricks 4 Kidz and had an additional Playball class that was in Charlotte so I still stayed relatively busy.  This week all of my normal work classes are back in full swing while Micah is out so he will get a taste of what Sullivan and I do every week.

Happy belated Easter and happy Spring Break for CMS families!!  We had family come up yesterday from Charleston to grill out for Easter.  The boys jumped on the trampoline and played ball outside while we had our fire pit going.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  We LOVE having family and friends over and hosting get togethers!  We talked to the Easter bunny and asked to forgo candy so the boys received Buzz Lightyear and Woody instead.  We had steaks, roasted potatoes, grilled carrots, broccoli casserole and macaroni and cheese for Easter dinner.

As for an update on our Fit Family Challenge; we do not have a lot to update, but here is what is going on in the McMasters household.  We have stuck to our goal of no sugary drinks.  We have allowed the boys to drink orange juice or Dole Pineorange Banana in addition to water.  We have cut back on sweets a lot!  I can only remember one day where we have had a sweet treat in the past week.  We have kept heavy cream, bacon fat and butter out of our diet with the exception of Easter dinner.  We did not meet up with any of the experts last week.  We attempted to meet with Josh from Burn Bootcamp, but traffic was horrible!  We have a 40 minute drive from our home to Matthews so finding days and times that work has been challenging.  We are meeting with Maureen, our wellness coach, this morning for the first time.  I am excited to find out new tips to help better manage our time.  

I have two personal goals for myself this week:  completely cut out adult beverages and to make myself get back to the gym!  I LOVE working out, but have such a hard time fitting it in.  My calendar stays so packed all of the time it’s hard to squeeze in me time.  I am sure a lot of parents can relate to this.  

With the great weather lately I am happy with the activities that the boys have chose to do.  I love seeing them want to be active with riding their bicycles, jumping on the trampoline, playing ball or just running around the backyard with the pups.

Tim has also done great this past week!  He has made sure to wake up and go for his runs and use a few in home pieces of equipment that we own (pull up bar, punching bag, etc.)  This past week we also purchased a Ninja blender to start making smoothies in the morning.  We are staying focused on making permanent lifestyle changes and excited for the journey ahead!

ffc_blogfooter2.pngJessica and Tim live in a South Charlotte suburb with their two boys and want to eat healthier and exercise more. The McMasters are participating in the 2015 Fit Family Challenge and chronicling their healthy family journey along the way. Learn more about the McMasters and their healthy family goals, and follow along with their progress in the Fit Family Challenge blog.

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