Zoo Offering Half-Off Admission This Week

Arcticfox 2
Photo courtesy of North Carolina Zoo
An Arctic fox

If you don't mind cold temps, it's the perfect week to visit the North Carolina Zoo. Through Jan. 6, get half-off admission and see animals from the tropics to the Arctic.

Because of very cold weather expected this week, many of the African animals, such as elephants, gorillas and lions, will be staying warm and toasty in their behind-the-scenes quarters and will not be seen by guests. But native animals from North America are right at home during this Arctic blast.

See polar bears, Arctic foxes, seabirds, cougars, elk, bison, black and grizzly bears, and red wolves. Stop in at any of the zoo's heated habitat complexes to help you stay warm during your visit. At the Streamside building, you can cast your eyes on native fish, get safely close to copperheads, timber and diamondback rattlesnakes, then enjoy the frolicking otters and bobcats. The Desert building also offers a warm immersive experience among free-flight birds, reptiles, interesting cacti, vampire bats and the adorable sand cats. Step into the Aviary, a domed building, and be transported to the tropics, surrounded by lush plants with free-flight exotic birds. Plan to stay as long as you wish in this tropical paradise and see how many birds you can find. 

Heated transportation is available inside the zoo and is included in the half-off admission. The Iron Hen Express and Junction Café are open 9 a.m.-3 p.m. daily to serve guests hot meals. Please note: Seasonal attractions such as the carousel and 4-D theater are closed for the winter season.

Source: North Carolina Zoo