Zappley Family Get Fit

Zappley Christion 001

Hello, I am Christion Zappley writing to you, yet another time and I would like to talk about how the Family Fit Challenge has changed our lives. My family and I have been doing many fun and bonding activities that has brought us together even more and has kept us to be a healthy family.

            There are many activities that we have done, take the family scavenger hunt for example, we stayed together as a group and had to work together to find our way around when we used the map to know where all the obstacles were. The event was held at White Water Rafting Center and many families from Charlotte came to get closer to each other and have fun for the weekend.

            We have been trying to become fit more and more everyday mentally and physically, personally I have been trying my hardest to get better grades this semester in school, my mom has been playing in a group she formed with her friends to play kickball, and my sister just enjoys to play outside with her best friend from school.

            There are many other ways that The Family Fit Challenge has changed our lives with, we have been getting tips and learning many things to have a good lifestyle. We have been learning about what we could do to have good food on a budget.

            In conclusion, we have had many great things out of The Family Fit Challenge, and there is much more to come. My family and I have had a great time and are looking forward to what is ahead for us.