Your Map to a Day of Family Fun in Uptown Charlotte

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Your Map to a Day of Family Fun in Uptown Charlotte


Create your own Center City adventure and teach the kids how to use a physical map with this new printable uptown Charlotte map for 2019.

Next time the sun’s out, surprise the family with an adventure throughout Uptown Charlotte. The center of the Queen City is full of fun for both kids and kids at heart. If you’ve ever hoped for an Uptown Charlotte map that could point out all the best spots and points of interest, we’ve got you covered!

Charlotte Center City Partners recently created a printable map of Uptown Charlotte, and you’re going to want to grab one ASAP. With places to eat, shop, sip, stroll, view art, catch a game, and more, this map of Uptown Charlotte is a must for the Charlotte parent in 2019. Stop squinting into that tiny map on your phone, and teach the young ones how to use a physical map on your next Uptown adventure.

Uptown Charlotte Map


Click here to download the printable PDF version of this Uptown Charlotte map.

5 Things to Do in Uptown Charlotte with the Kids

Ready to put this map to use? Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite kid-friendly activities courtesy of the map’s suggestions. Here are some ideas for your next Uptown outing with your children.

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1. Hit the parks

The city has a good amount of green space—more than 131 acres, actually. Whether you choose to walk, bike, or try the Light Rail, you can hit a few of the nine parks in Uptown, splashing in spray-grounds when the weather’s warm.

2. Do a photo tour

Have a phone-obsessed teen? Get them to hang out with the family by organizing a “photo tour” of Uptown, hitting all the Insta-worthy spots.

The top family-friendly places to snap a picture:

  • Bechtler Museum
  • The Green
  • Romare Bearden Park

If you’re not sure where exactly these places are, consult the map to get the addresses!

3. Discover new ideas

Help your kids learn new things in an environment made for them. Hours of educational fun await at this Discovery Place Science, an interactive museum on Tryon Street. You can find all the Uptown museums using the key on the map; they are labeled with museum icons.

4. Practice your skyline savvy

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Here’s a fun game. If your commute or location allows you to see the Charlotte skyline every now and then, give your children some fuel for the ride. Next time you’ve got a good view of the skyline, pull out the Uptown Charlotte map for a rundown of the skyline buildings. Young Charlotteans will have a blast trying to guess the right buildings, and you’ll have a new game to play in the car or when walking around the city with the children in tow.

5. Catch a sporting event

No matter what season it is, you can catch some athletic action in Uptown. Whether you’re attending a Panthers game in the fall at Bank of America Stadium, a Hornets game in the spring at Spectrum Center, or a Knights game in the summer at BB&T Ballpark, budding sports fans will be thrilled with a day at the game. Take your pick of sporting events to attend, because either way, they all take place in Charlotte’s city center.

See Uptown in a whole new way this year. Download and print the Uptown Charlotte map to have a go-to guide every time you explore the Queen City’s clean streets. There’s a lot to do for children and parents alike—everybody wins with a day spent in Uptown! To learn more about Uptown Charlotte, visit