Winning the Battle of Picky Eaters

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Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your family’s daily lifestyle does not have to be as complicated, especially if you have picky eaters. When introducing new food groups, remember it’s all about keeping your kids enthusiastic. On your next shopping experience allow your children to shop the "rainbow," picking out a colorful range of produce to ensure that they are getting the best combination of nutrients. Juices and smoothies are an excellent way to feature fruits and veggies, and can mask bitter vegetable tastes with sweet fruit. To keep the kids interested, create a calendar for the week and let them mark off what colors went into their juices or smoothies for each day of the week. Best of all, you’ll know that your kids are getting their daily nutrients without a fight.

Source: "My First Juices and Smoothies: Healthy Recipes Children Will Love" by Amanda Cross.