Wear an Ugly Sweater and 'Make the World Better'

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The holidays often involve getting dressed up and attending social events. Small children (and even older ones), don't often take kindly to all the fussing and primping. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a bright spot in the hectic holiday season. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a day when it's perfectly OK, even desirable, to look fashion-backward.

The holiday started in Canada, and has become so popular that the United States and United Kingdom each have their own National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. In the United States, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is celebrated on the second Friday in December. This year, it's December 12th.

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day partnered with the Save the Children Foundation, a charitable organization which helps provide less fortunate children with a healthy start, opportunities to learn, and protection from harm. It's also a wonderful opportunity for light-hearted family fun. The Christmas Spirit is about giving, and this is a fun way to teach children that it feels good to give.

There are several ways to get involved.

  1. You can get involved in planning an Ugly Sweater Party, attend an Ugly Sweater Party, or donate online.
  2. Organize a National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at your child's school. Kids can bring a $5 donation (which is tax deductible) to avoid the dress code for a day, or just have fun.
  3. Plan an National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at work. An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is a great way to raise money for the Save the Children Foundation, improve morale, and suspend business wear for a day. Different departments can compete to see who brings in the biggest donation.
  4. Block parties or neighborhood Ugly Sweater events are another great way to give back this holiday season. Each neighborhood can compete for donations, with an honorable mention or gift certificate awarded to the neighborhoods with the largest participation. It's a great way to socialize with your neighbors in a relaxed, pleasant environment. If you simply can't shake your inner Scrooge, you can make a donation online, and show the receipt to your school, work, or neighborhood coordinator.

We all know that giving feels good. This is a way the whole family can feel good together.

Brent Foreman is an ugly Christmas sweater-loving marketing and communications specialist from San Diego, California. When he's not sporting the ugliest sweaters known to mankind, he's busy playing beach volleyball or reading Stephen King novels.