Top 5 Places to Get a Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich in Charlotte

The classic sandwich has been around forever. It's known as a wintertime comfort food and if you're really a fan, it's an all season comfort food. Whatever it may be to you, you'll find that the following places do a grilled cheese sandwich just right. We promise you'll ask for a few to-go.


1. Rusty's

8512 Park Road

Inside the Quail Corners Shopping Center lies this beloved deli and grille that is packed with hearty sandwiches and burgers. One of the most ordered sandwiches, the grilled cheese, falls apart in your mouth. Order it on plain, wheat or rye bread with just cheese, cheese and bacon, or cheese, bacon and tomato. For my bacon lovers, the cheese and bacon sandwich is a whopping $4.50. How's that for a cheap lunch/dinner treat for you and the kiddos?

I'm also happy to add that Charlotte Parent and annual issues can be found at Rusty's. So if you're looking for some fun after your meal, find a bunch of ways to play in Charlotte in the most recent magazine. Note: If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, just a few doors down you'll find TCBY's frozen yogurt shop! 

2. Pike's Old Fashioned Soda Shop

1930 Camden Road

Right in the heart of Southend, you'll find one of the oldest restaurants in Charlotte with down home, finger-lickin' food!

The menu offers a little bit of everything but you're missing out if you don't wash your meal down with a hearty milkshake. They've got classic shakes, malts, and even ice cream floats. I was told the next time I stop in to Pike's a strawberry milkshake would be on the house (I'm holding them to it, of course!).

The stretchy and gooey cheese found in their popular sandwich holds American, Jack and cheddar and is less than $6. From the '60s vibe to the delectable milkshake flavors the kids might make this spot a weekly lunch or dinner request.

3. Dish

1220 Thomas Ave.

After it's major appearance on Diner's, Drive-ins, and Drive Thru's this placed became not just a local favorite but a place for families to stop by and check out when visiting the Queen city. I'm convinced someone's grandmother is in the back of the kitchen spreading her good vibes and telling the cook's "just a dash more of salt". It's just that good. Whatever you order, you won't be disappointed. The grilled cheese sanwich has this smoky distinct flavor served up with the soup of the day or by itself. It's a popular choice for parents to order for kids, but servers find that mom and dad want in on the goodness. And personally, I think you're never too old for a grilled cheese sandwich.


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4. Arthur's Restaurant and Wine Shop

Belk at Southpark Mall, 4400 Sharon Road

If you're tired of the food court, The Cheesecake Factory's 3-hour wait, and Maggiano's upscale feel, then you have to check out this hidden gem on the lower level of Belk's department store. You'll find signs as you get closer to the small cafe area, but if you're having a tough time finding it just use your nose as a guide.

The menu is extensive with special deli sandwiches, a kids menu featuring the best grilled cheese you'll ever have (in my opinion), cheeseburgers, tenders and more.

It's almost a set up for parents, because you'll have to walk by a wide variety of candy and chocolates before you get to the checkout line where you'll also find homemade cookies ( the peanut butter cookie is to die for!).

I ordered the bacon, tomato and cheese sandwich on white bread but, you can order it plain on your choice of bread. With a drink, my total was just over $8.

5. Papi Queso Food Truck

Find the truck all over Charlotte

When it's not food truck fridays, there's always a good chance you'll find Papi Queso around town and letting you know their next destination via their twitter page. Dedicated to the love of a good 'ole traditional grilled cheese sandwich this food truck gives you just that. And if your kiddo loves trying new things, oh man, well they are in for a treat.

Mikala Young is the Editorial Assistant and no stranger to Charlotte restaurants. Her favorite grilled cheese sandwich is a homemade one served best with a side of tomato soup. And when she has a few extra coins in her wallet, she likes to jazz her sandwich up with spinach, mushrooms and provolone cheese.