Three Peas in a Tiny Pod

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My kids share a room in our little condo. It’s two bedrooms with one bathroom and luckily it’s two floors. They are 12 and 9, a boy and a girl.

Most of the time they want to kill each other. Living in a tiny space had it’s ups and downs. We are very close and cuddly but there is no privacy. I can luckily hear everything they are up to from any room. On the other hand I can hear EVERYTHING they are up to from any room.  I’ve considered ear plugs.

One bathroom is interesting. No matter what time of the day I sneak up there for a moment of silence and privacy, there is someone standing at the door waiting their turn. Every single time. No lie.

But it’s the shared room of my kids that I want to discuss. My sister and I shared a room for years. Our mom was also single. Most affordable places only have two bedrooms. But we were girls so it was acceptable for a good while.

We fought more than my kids ever have and they fight all the time. Our fights were violent. I’ll never forget my sister when she was 12 she cornered me in the kitchen with a butcher knife. I begged for my life that day and promised to do her chores for years. I am not making this up! I have no idea what she was so mad about to this day. I am sure she still remembers her reason.

My kids are not as bad as we were but they definitely know how to push each other’s buttons. My son is always muttering something insulting about his sister and she is as stubborn as mule and she has mastered the art of crying at the drop of a hat to get her way. They will be getting along fine and then WHAM, it’s World War III. I spend most of my time as a referee.

I’ve had friends ask me, now that the kids are getting older, when am I going to move so they can have their own rooms. I’m not sure if I feel like I need to. Or want to.

Their father just moved into a new home with separate bedrooms for everyone. They spend half their time there. I wonder what it’s like for them to close their doors and have their own space. I haven’t had my own space in 12 years. What’s mine is theirs. I don’t want us to be closed up, each by ourselves, in our own rooms.

I like that we are all completely aware of the other people in this family. I love that when we are together we are really TOGETHER. And yes, it is pretty loud around my house most if the time.

But my favorite part is at night. We all go to bed at the same time. Our rooms are four steps away from each other. After a long day of work and school and a longer night of solving arguments, I lay down in my bed and listen to the best sound ever.

They giggle and laugh from their bunk beds with each other. The more I tell them to be quiet, the more they team up against me and crack each other up. I mean they actually cackle! Most of the time the subject is disgusting. Toots are are their favorite topic and always hysterical. The louder and smellier, the better.

They laugh until they can hardly breathe.

I have to threaten to separate them. I have to do it several times, acting louder and crazier each time, but they finally settle down. The last thing they want is to be separated after all this fun.

I remember having laughing fits with my sister driving our mom nuts too. It was the absolute best. I miss it so much.

After everyone shuts up, my kids and I yell one last time that we love each other. I always smile as I roll over and get comfortable. It’s always my favorite part of every day with them. I love listening to them love each other.

I know eventually they will need their own rooms but for now I’m just going to hold on to this time for a little bit longer. And I hope they always remember it just like I do.