The Work-Life Balancing Act

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Being a mom who works outside the home means a very busy schedule. It’s challenging to say the least. You may clock out from the office, but you can never clock out from the job of mom. From breakfast to bath time, making lunches to homework, finding “extra” time when you are a parent is a trick.

I understand the juggling of schedules and trying to find balance, but for me it’s more about how I organize it all in my mind. That organization includes prioritizing and then compartmentalizing the different chunks of my life: my child, my husband, our family, friends (who help me refill my sanity tank), work and play. Of course it gets broken down even further from there – housework, yard projects, extended family, birthday parties, camp … you know how it goes.

On Friday, we invite working moms to join us at the Convention Center for our 17th annual Moms@Work work-life balance conference. It’s a place for moms to unite, network, have coffee, check out some great local exhibitors, as well as be inspired via interactive breakout sessions about work-life balance, stress management and family finances. The event takes place Sept. 26 from 7:30 to 11:45 a.m. Featured speakers include WCNC’s Sonja Gantt, along with organizational professional Carson Tate, financial expert Kelly Meany, and leadership expert Paula Guilfoyle.

And in an effort to help other women, many who are single head-of-household with children, become better prepared for employement positions that they need and deserve to build successful lives, we have selected Dress for Success Charlotte to be the charitable partner for this year’s event. Event attendees are encouraged to bring jewelry and accessories to be donated to Dress for Success Charlotte.

The program also includes recognition of Morris Media Network’s N.C. Family-Friendly 50 companies that support working parents with work-life balance policies, benefits and innovative programs.

Start your weekend with inspiration by recharging your batteries with other working moms. Moms@Work individual tickets are $40 and can be purchased at