The Truth About Stretching

Clearing up conflicting information about stretching.
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The fitness industry has changed tremendously over the past couple of decades. This evolution has done a lot of good, but it has also brought upon a plethora of conflicting information. Couple the fact that it only takes a few dollars to be certified as an expert, with the massive influx of social media into our society, and your left with a recipe for disaster. One area where we have a lot of misinformation is the concept of stretching.


Old School Thought

Stretching* used to be recommended prior to any type of activity. Hearing "be sure to stretch before you start" is a statement that I am sure that we have all heard plenty of times from coaches and friends alike. However, over the past couple of decades that recommendation has been proven outdated and inaccurate. In fact, a research article published in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport found that stretching cold muscles prior to working out actually increased post-workout soreness more than the control group who did not stretch at all. Furthermore, a multitude of studies have shown that stretching prior to activity decreases the ability of a muscle to produce power.


New School Recommendations

Currently, the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) recommends dynamic stretching, or warming up, prior to activity. Instead of forcefully lengthening a cold muscle and holding it like static stretching, dynamic stretching warms the muscle through controlled active muscular action, taking it through the full range of motion. I recommend doing movements similar to what you will be performing during your workout. By doing so, your body temperature rises, your nervous system is stimulated and your muscles become infused with blood and energy, primed to perform your activity.


Our world is constantly evolving around us. Facts become fiction and what used to be a recommendation becomes an act that you are encouraged to avoid. Strive, every day, to learn and stay up to date on whatever it is that drives you.

*For the purpose of this post, stretching is defined as the long encouraged act of forcefully lengthening a muscle and holding it for a period of time.


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