The Food Issue

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As a mom that works outside the home, I find that I am often pushing breakfast and midday meals later and denying myself a normal routine because I’m on the run. I always make sure my son has a good breakfast to start his day, but for some reason I tend to forget myself or wait until my stomach is growling to find that cup of yogurt that I stashed in the office fridge or pack of oatmeal in my desk drawer.

Food is more than just something to fill us up, and it’s as important for mom and dad as it is for children to help us think and thrive. Our April issue is the The Food Issue. It’s hot off the presses and making it’s way to stands now.

In it we offer up tips on how to make quick, healthy breakfasts on the go. As for the rest of the meals during the day, sometimes it’s nice to let somebody else cook and clean up from time to time. Eating out with kids can be tricky though. Teaching children restaurant etiquette takes time, but not only is it useful when dining out, those manners carry on through to many other areas of life. We offer expert tips on how to teach children restaurant etiquette and some advice from other Charlotte moms. 

In addition to eating well, a healthy lifestyle includes exercise. On April 15, we kick-off our Fit Family Challenge. We’re motivating you and your family to get off the couch and get moving toward a lifestyle of better health. Did I mention there are great prizes? Sign up begins April 1.