The Challenge of Keeping a Routine When One Of The Kids Is Sick

Kathleencram 003

The past week was a little off for us. Regan caught a stomach bug early in the week and wasn’t back to being himself until Thursday. Chuck and I were able to alternate staying home with him until Chuck needed to head out of town for work on Wednesday afternoon. Understandably, when any of the kids are sick, it tends to affect the routine of the whole family. The younger two kids typically tag along whenever the older girls have to be dropped off or picked up from one of their activities. When one of the kids is sick though, we need to re-think our whole scheduling strategy. I don’t want the kids spending unnecessary time in the car when they’re not feeling well. We made it through the week though and thankfully no one else caught the bug!

As it is, Regan’s appetite is not that great. When he is sick, it is just magnified. I was willing to give him anything he would eat, just to get something into him. His main request was ice cream. That boy loves ice cream and would eat it all day if we let him! Off to the store I went with Breanna and Kelleen and stocked up on a variety of ice cream treats. Regan was thrilled when we got home and showed him the loot! The three girls were pretty excited too. They figured if Regan was getting ice cream, for sure they would as well. Breanna went on to list the benefits of ice cream, “It’s made from milk. Milk has protein in it, doesn’t it? It will give us energy!” Honestly, the three girls had been such great helpers with keeping Regan happy and engaged while I tried to catch up on work in the evenings; I figured they deserved a treat. This trend somehow continued through the week though and I realized on Thursday evening that they had enjoyed ice cream every evening that week. Not sure if it is the same in all families, but in our family, one of the kids typically doesn’t want something until one of their siblings has it or takes it. If I had offered ice cream to just Regan, he would probably decline. If I offered it to all four kids though but said that Regan got to choose first, he’s all over that! So technically, giving the girls ice cream as well helped me to get Regan to actually eat it. I guess it didn’t help with our healthy eating goal for the week, but Regan is now feeling better and that is all that really matters. I realized that sometimes, you need to just go with what works and recognize that it’s not a failure, just a bump in the road and that you will get back on track.

Exercise was a bit off for us this week as well. We had an especially busy week last week though so I think the kids needed to take a bit of a break this week. They still enjoyed time playing outside and staying active but we did not have any organized sporting events until the weekend.

I stuck with my daily T25 workouts but the kids were not as committed this week to join me. I didn’t push them, but just let them join in as they chose. Chuck did well fitting in runs during his lunch breaks and even fit in a few workouts while traveling for work.

I think the key thing we realized this week is that sometimes you just need to go with the flow and modify plans if needed. Tomorrow is always a new day, with a fresh slate to be filled, however you choose.

Now for our weekly highlights:
Chuck– Starting marathon program. I bought fruit to have for breakfast when traveling so that I could start off the day right.

Kathleen– I’m excited to have “officially” started the marathon training program with Chuck on Saturday. I’m looking forward to spending some extra time with him. This past week, I put some extra focus on water intake and met my goals each day. I’ve had a lot of meetings at work lately. I bring my 24 oz. water bottle to each meeting and make sure to finish it before the meeting ends.

– Since school lunch on Fridays is usually pizza or other things that aren’t that healthy, I packed my lunch so I wouldn’t be tempted. I spent a lot of time outside playing this week.

Breanna– I chose pears for my treat when I went grocery shopping with Daddy. I was able to go to the playground alot and I can almost do those bars I’ve been trying to get across.  

Regan– I ate a lot of healthy food after I wasn’t sick anymore. I played soccer all day on the weekend!

Neave– I drank lots of water! I got five goals at soccer!

Hope you all have a great week! Be sure to get outside for some fun activity and enjoy the beautiful weather!