Take a StoryWalk

Photo courtesy of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library
Take a StoryWalk at Independence park on Seventh Street, one of three parks with StoryWalk installations.

Add a little light reading to your family’s park stroll with StoryWalks®. Thanks to collaboration between Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation and Read Charlotte, StoryWalks® are planned for three parks in Charlotte, with the first currently installed at Independence Park on Seventh Street.

How’s it work? Laminated pages from a children’s picture book are installed along an outdoor path and attached to a special display post.  As you stroll, you’re directed to the next page of the story. Signs along the ways also offer information about early literacy and active reading techniques and tips. Books are changed each four to six weeks.

Active reading tips include:

  • Asking questions about the story that require more than a one-word answer.
  • Building vocabulary by asking what words mean and connecting pictures to words.
  • Talking with children about the book in ways that get them thinking about the ideas, character or storyline. Connect the story to a child's life by asking how they are similar or different from the character in the book. 

The second StoryWalk® is set to launch at Seversville Park beside Bruns Academy in mid-November, and a third walk will launch in March with the park location to be determined.