Summer Road Trips: 0-5

TODDLER/PRESCHOOL 0-5: Schedule Sync

When traveling with babies, tots and preschoolers, keeping everyone happy is all about timing. Amanda and Michael Riley of Raleigh have logged countless miles on the road with their 1-year-old daughter Stella in the back seat. They plan most road trips during Stella’s nap time to help keep trips peaceful. For preschoolers who no longer nap, traveling during nighttime hours lets kids snooze while parents focus on the road. If traveling during nap times or at night isn’t feasible, keep little ones entertained with the element of surprise: fill a bag with inexpensive treasures – such as stickers, a drawing pad, cardboard books, small stuffed toys or a small dry erase board with markers – and let kids choose a new “surprise” every 20 to 30 minutes. Plan a little extra travel time because driving with young children means frequent stops. Take a break every one to two hours so kids can use the bathroom, stretch and grab a snack.

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