Stoney Sellars

Peek inside the life of local dad Stoney Sellers and get a glimpse of everyday parenting — from the madness to the mess-ups!
Vital Stats: Stoney Sellars, 45
Owner and founder of Technology Project Management. Named 2009 Father of the Year by the Charlotte chapter of the American Diabetes Association. Also a CMS Parent University advisory board member.
Family Tree:
Wife, Tonya, and children, Bryce, 9, and Amani, 10 months. Has lived in Charlotte for 16 years, but was born and raised on a farm in Burlington.
Get Real:
Our house is sometimes chaotic during basketball and soccer seasons (I coach and our son plays), and it’s always high energy because of Amani crawling and “cruising” as she gets into everything. … We truly appreciate our moments of relaxation to read and hang out, rolling around on the floor.
“Don’t You Dare!”
Amani loves to repeatedly throw her sippy cup on the floor just to see us retrieve it, and she screams LOUDLY if she doesn’t get a response, which is maddening, but we just laugh. Bryce absolutely fails to understand his bathroom floor isn’t a hamper for his clothing, and we consistently remind him to pick up his clothes after he’s done showering and getting dressed. We always keep in perspective that they are wonderful kids but for these minor annoyances.
Parenting Rule #1:
Prepare for whatever you’re going to do, and never quit.
Fave Phrase:
“If you’re gonna do it, do it well.”
Spill It:
When Bryce was born, the doctor immediately placed him in my arms. Of course I marveled at our beautiful healthy child. My wife, Tonya, held him and about five minutes later, they placed him in my arms again. … I screamed out “IT’S A BOY!” Unbeknownst to me, the doctor, nurses and Tonya had all stated it was a boy — I was just a little late to the party.
Top Tip:
Be patient and make it fun. And don’t allow rigidity to get in the way of the needs of the individual.