Spring Wellness Tips for Kids

Papertowels 315

Washing and Drying Saves Lives
Water transports microbes from dry surfaces to wet hands, so before recontaminating digits on the doorknob, take time to dry off. Studies show paper towels are superior in hygienic value compared with electric dryers, but either way, remove as much wetness as possible.  

Why Americans Avoid Gluten
Six percent of Americans have gluten sensitivities, but another 5 percent to 8 percent avoid gluten for other reasons, which makes 11 to 14 percent of Americans eying the grocery store’s gluten-free aisles, according to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. So why avoid gluten if not for digestive health? The Hartman Group’s research reveals 33 percent perceive gluten-free foods as having nutritional value and 12 percent believing gluten avoidance alleviates stress. 

New Standards for Pain Meds
A major change is under way for liquid acetaminophen created for infants and children, including Tylenol. The infant formula contains three times the acetaminophen of the children’s formula, but manufacturers are changing the formulas so each has a standard amount in hopes of reducing the number of dosing mistakes. Be sure to read the dosage label before administering any over-the-counter meds to children.

How to Protect Kids from Pollen
The best place for pollen is far away from the insides of noses, especially those of children with allergies and asthma. Even in pollen season, it’s important that children play outside, but be careful on high-pollen-count days and make sure kids wash up and change clothes when they come inside. Keep windows closed and run the air conditioner, preferably with HEPA filters. Consider a nasal saline rinse or neti pot to wash the nose of all that pollen (but keep your mouth open so you can breathe).