Southwestern Grilled Corn

In the summer, local corn and tomatoes are two of my favorite things. Both of these summertime faves grow well in our area, so enjoy them while they are in season and at their best. Fresh corn does not take a long time to cook – just a minute or two in boiling water or on a hot grill is plenty of time – in fact, for a fun treat, you can even eat the corn raw off the cob. Raw corn is also tasty in salads and soups.

While corn on the cob is delicious any way you cook it, grilling the corn really brings out the natural sweetness – the addition of savory seasonings and sharp cheese in this recipe makes it a real winner.

The part that will take you the longest here is cleaning the corn. The process can make a big mess in the kitchen, so enjoy the sunshine and sit outside to husk the corn and carefully remove all of the silks over a big paper bag for easy clean up.

6 fresh ears of corn on the cob, husked and rinsed
3 Tbsp. melted butter or your favorite extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Sweet or hot smoked paprika, for sprinkling
2 cups Pecorino Romano cheese, finely grated
2 limes, quartered

1 Once you have the corn cleaned and rinsed, let Mom or Dad help by placing the seasoned cobs on a hot outdoor grill or a preheated indoor griddle pan and cook, turning the cobs, until lightly toasted – about a minute on each “side.”

2. While the corn is grilling, spread out the grated cheese on a shallow tray or plate and set this aside until the corn is done.

3. Take the lightly-browned corn cobs off of the heat and carefully brush each one with melted butter or extra virgin olive oil ( if you family likes spicy flavors, use an olive oil that is infused with Chile peppers!

4. Sprinkle each cob or corn with paprika, then roll in the Pecorino cheese.

5. Serve corn hot with a bowl of lime wedges.

6. Squeeze the lime over the cheese-crusted corn and enjoy!

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