Snow Day!

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There is nothing like living in the South when it snows. Adults turn into kids. Kids are happier than you’ve ever seen them. It’s better than any holiday…for kids and adults.

I believe it’s an actual law here that you have to scream “IT’S SNOWING” at the top of your lungs, no matter what your age, when the flakes start to come down. We all do it and the pure wonder of it all unites people of the South like nothing else.

I’ve lived in Charlotte for 30 years now and snow days never get old. We are glued to our TV’s comparing one forecast with another. We can hardly contain ourselves.

We moms are so excited… Dreaming of the perfect snow day with our kids bundled up like the boy from “A Christmas Story”. (I can’t move my arms!) We can’t wait to scream “put a hat on!” to anyone under the age of 18.

We buy hot chocolate, cream and sugar, and all the bread and milk we can get our hands on. Lance crackers, Spaghettio’s, Ramen noodles, chips and peanut butter.

And wine and beer. We require LOTS for this. It’s a celebration, after all.

They say this is the biggest storm to come to our area in a decade. We are all giddy with anticipation. It’s so beautiful. We can hardly sleep just waiting for it.

We wake up in the middle of the night and look out the windows. You can hear the clacking of the blinds in every room throughout the night. It’s coming! It’s going to snow! We don’t look for Santa this much.

School is out and we anticipate it will be as wonderful as it was when we were young. Carefree, joyous and completely awesome. It’s total freedom to play. It’s a full day ahead of us to be kids no matter what our age. There is nothing in the world like it.

As a single mom, I know why I love snow days in the South. Often I pray for the world to just stop spinning for a moment so I can catch my breath. Please Lord, I beg, let me just sit here for a minute without feeling like I have 100 things to do. Let me feel peace for one second without the pressure I feel, day in and day out. Let me feel the joy in my life without the guilt of dirty dishes, laundry and bills to pay. Let my world shut down for just a day where all I am expected to do is relax.

That’s what a snow day means to me. A complete and total shut down of everything. Permission to finally enjoy.

Can you feel it? It’s you, catching your breath. It’s your nutty world coming to a stand still.

You officially have permission to jump up and down like you are a kid. Clap your hands if you want.

The city, the county, the schools and the local businesses are all shut down. Everyone has gone home to be with their families to eat bread and drink milk.  I am all stocked up.

There is no work to be done. Nobody is there. You finally have time to call your friends. “It’s snowing!”, you will shout excitedly. For the first time ever, talking about the weather is the most exciting topic in the world.

The kids will be outside for hours. You have no idea where they are but you know they are happy. And you can finally breathe.

Snow days in the South are the most fantastic thing ever. Everything stops. You don’t have to explain why. It’s a complete and total free pass.

We are told by police to stay off the roads. Who are we to disobey the police? The news convinces us that we have to stay home for risk of our lives. It’s a forced day by every authority in the state to do absolutely nothing. We are crippled and it is wonderful.

Moms who normally are grumpy and overwhelmed are taking time to build snowmen. We love seeing jackets, boots, hats and gloves drying at the door. We don’t even mind that there have been 12 outfit changes in one day or that every room in the house is a mess. IT’S SNOWING…We are free!

We could look at the snow all day and we do. It inspires us to use the crock pot that’s been in the cabinet above the fridge for years. We are volunteering to pop popcorn and warm milk for hot chocolate. We are happily catering to everyone’s needs, smiling because on this day it’s actually fun to be a mom.

Work? What work? We have been given a temporary pass to stop the multi-tasking and be with the ones we love.

Snow days in the south are major holidays. This is the way all holidays should be. No pressure. No stress. No gifts. No big meals. No costumes. No cards. No preconceived notions. Just joy and family time. Real joy.

We are required to stop and just be. We play. We laugh. We cuddle. We make snow cream. We ride down hills on aluminum cookie sheets. We scrape our car windows with spatulas.

We don’t care if you are from the North or how much snow you had there. Clock out like the rest of us. You live in the South now. Embrace the holiday. You are going to love it too.

We should all embrace every single moment of it, in fact. You are fully expected to. The crazy world has officially stopped. Nobody expects a thing from you. It’s awesome!

Put on your flannel jammies, sleep in, eat soup, watch movies under piles of blankets, throw snowballs, do puzzles, wear boots, love your family and just breathe.

If the power goes out, light candles and sleep four to a bed. If the cable goes out, play board games and teach your kids to make snow angels . Build a fort in the living room in front of the fire. Talk to your neighbors. Laugh at your dog making yellow snow. Wear your favorite sweatshirt and take pictures.

But most if all, take a deep, long breath. You deserve to love every single moment of it. This is a gift from Mother Nature. It happens so rarely.

In twenty years your kids will remember this week. On Monday when you life is back to normal, you will remember it and smile.

Happy snow day, y’all! Live it up!