Shoes That Fit Campaign Launches July 13

Rack Room Shoes Empowers Customers to Give Back

Back-to-school shopping is an annual event in family households throughout the nation. Shoes usually are on the list of things to get to start the new school year. Each year, many children, however, head back to school with ill-fitting or damaged shoes because they don’t have any other option. Rack Room is helping to put new shoes on the feet of local children through its Shoes That Fit fundraiser, July 13-Sept. 15.

According to a recent Shoes That Fit survey, which contacts school liaisons every February, it reports the following regarding students who have participated in the Shoes That Fit program:

  • 87 percent reported improvements in their self-esteem 
  • 80 percent reported improvements in the students' attitude
  • 70 percent reported an increase in the students' participation in physical activities
  • 70 percent reported improved social interaction
  • 56 percent reported improved behavior
  • 32 percent reported an increase in academic performance.
  • 39 percent reported improved attendance

You can make a monetary donation at any Rack Room Shoes store, or online, to help provide new footwear to children in need within area school systems. The family footwear retailer is donating 100 percent of the proceeds to local Shoes That Fit programs. The funds raised are distributed to school liaisons who identify children in need in Charlotte. For the 2015 Back to School season, Rack Room Shoes donated more than $1 million dollars to Shoes That Fit with the Charlotte market serving as a top campaign contributor. This year, Rack Room Shoes has committed to amplify the impact of customer donations by matching 100 percent of all funds raised during the campaign, up to $300,000.