Roadblocks: Dealing With the Unexpected

Ffc Tim

Have you ever heard the expression “when it rains it pours?” Well for us… it was a category 5 hurricane! Last week started off with great intentions. I had the whole family eating breakfast together and eating healthy snacks in between meals. Then Friday hit. On the way home from work we went to Home Depot to stock up on projects to keep busy through the weekend. Once we got home, Jess does as she always does and checks the mail. We received for letters from our homeownders association with issues.

We have had a few problems with our home since the beginning, but this was the final straw. We built our home two years ago and were disappointed with the quality that was put out. We have decided that it may be time to move. The only problem is once this happened it created a snowball effective of things happening to us. Unfortunately this stress caused a few bad habits to start to back up. Breakfast and the snacks have not happened. But my intentions are to pick back up this week. I have had the worst time getting myself out of bed to get motivated to run and try to catch up on the workout sheet. Any suggestions to waking up easier?

This week has already been a roller coaster as well. We are both overcome with stress. This makes for bad eating habits. Especially for me. (I’m a stress eater). I think we need a daytrip to clear our heads!

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