Raising Financially Savvy Kids: Ages 6-11

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Fundraising Fun

Are you drowning in requests to sell cookies, wrapping paper or who-knows-what for your child’s school or club? Be grateful – fundraising drives that pepper the school years are full of financial value for kids, says Travillian. Fundraising can begin to teach young children the concept of working for money along with the reality that the activities and organizations they enjoy cost money to maintain.  

To turn fundraising into a lesson in finance, make sure kids know how the money they’re raising will be used. Make use of the Internet and maps to help children visualize faraway fundraising beneficiaries. Most importantly, children should do the majority of the fundraising work, says Travillian. “Don’t take the order form to work for them. Make them come to work and ask for the sale. Make them call their grandparents. They should be the one in the driver’s seat!”    

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