Online Career Exploration Tools Make Planning Fun, Easy and Free

Bridges career planning tools, a leading provider of online career exploration and education planning services, are now available directly from College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC). With the addition of Bridges, CFNC can now provide North Carolinians free online career planning and counseling services from elementary school through high school, college and beyond.

To create a free account and access the Bridges tools, visit the “Career Center” tab on From the Career Center, users can select “Bridges Planning Tools” and gain access to all Bridges career planning resources, including Paws in Jobland for elementary school-aged children, Choices Explorer for middle school students and Choices Planner for high school students. 

Elementary School 

Paws in Jobland
Animated and engaging, Paws in Jobland helps young students identify personal interests and explore over 100 different careers. Paws the dog takes students on an entertaining tour through Jobland, which features 40 lesson plans and activities for grades K-5, and an online format that helps parents become involved in the fun.

Middle School and High School

Choices Explorer
Ideal for middle school and early high school, Choices Explorer features a magazine-style format and colorful graphics. Updated weekly, students have instant access to the latest news on high-growth and emerging occupations, with links to student-authored work and college-life blogs, real-life math, communication and decision-making activities within every career profile. Also featured are career articles, links to career profiles, college majors, career experts, career trivia, and more.

Choices Planner
Choices Planner allows high school students to create a career plan of action. Extensive assessment tools and comprehensive career profiles connect users to their most relevant postsecondary programs and colleges. Career Plan Builder helps create a comprehensive career plan with reality checks and instructions for pursuing concrete goals. Choices Planner also features a dynamic resume builder, as well as Guideways, a wizard-like step-by-step program that helps students get started to achieve their postsecondary goals.

Professional Tools for educators in both Choices Explorer and Choices Planner include lesson plans and activities organized by subject area. These powerful tools allow educators to view portfolios and post feedback, track student progress, report local outcomes and usage, and manage portfolios.

With the addition of Bridges career planning tools, CFNC has greatly expanded its free online career services for Web site users from elementary school students to adults. Please contact the CFNC Resource Center at 866-866-CFNC for more information.