Not MONEY saving but SANITY saving tip

Momsense130 012

I can NEVER find a sitter. When our favorite go-to sitter left for Chapel Hill three years ago we were devastated. My boys adored her and would do anything she said. She kept the house from getting more disheveled than it was when she arrived, lived two doors down and seemed to always be available on a moments notice. She would even send her sister in her place if she had an unexpected date come up.

For years I have heard that there is a “list” of young women who go to Queens University that look for babysitting opporutnities. Once I was told it was posted on a bulletin board in the student life office, but I never ventured to campus to find out. After a recent situation which left me sitter-less AGAIN I went in search of this evasive list. Turns out it costs $25 and is updated three times a year. If you would like to purchase this list you can do so on the university’s website. The list also includes students who are interested in housesitting, lawn care, pet sitting, tutoring and odd jobs.

I am getting my debit card out as we speak.