My Complete Transformation

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It’s been a good while since I have blogged about my single mommy life and I have a good reason for it. See, I went to the grocery store bathroom one day after shopping and could not believe what I saw. Me. But I was not what I thought I looked like. I was the F word. FAT. And them some.

To tell you the whole story you need to know a few things. I am about to get honest.

1. I am harder on myself than anyone could ever be. I strive for perfection and am very disappointed with myself when I can’t handle it all.

2. It has been a very long time since I have trusted the opposite sex to be in my life. For over five years I have been “focussing on my life with my kids and my career.” And it has been lonely.

3. I am the queen of self-medicating. I use anti-depressants, food, wine and cigarettes to numb my pain from failure and my own expectations.

4. I isolate and do not take care of myself. I don’t know what to do with myself when my kids aren’t around. I have made them my whole purpose in my life.

5. My health has never been worse and I have never weighed more. Even when I was pregnant. I have indulged myself in every sweet tasty savory satisfying treat there is and never ever exercise. My blood pressure is frighteningly high.

6. I haven’t seen a doctor in years and six weeks ago found myself bedridden because my heart was pumping so hard and fast. I was scared to death.

I had two choices. I could go to the emergency room or an urgent care for more blood pressure meds, or I could rip the band-aid off and save my own life.

I chose the pills and pizza. Just kidding.

I went to the best man I know. He’s a naturopathic doctor and we have a long history. He and another ND saved my gall bladder four years ago. I went to him because I trust him and because I knew he could save me from myself.

After all, I did this to me. I chose to eat every crappy terrible thing I put in my mouth. I chose to do every awful thing to my own body. I went to him because I also finally wanted to actually save me. I had hit my lowest point. I saw myself in the mirror and was disgusted. I didn’t recognize myself. I was fat, unhappy, unhealthy and done.

I needed a new prescription for blood pressure pills and decided instead to rip the bandaid off. I decided to stop the cycle of hurting myself and taking pills so that I could continue the insanity. I called Carolinas Natural Health Center.

This is not a commercial for them. This is my story. This is who I trusted. This is who I turned to because I was truly at a loss. I was petrified enough about my health to swallow my pride, admit everything and ask for help.

I’ve known Dr. Michael Smith for years. I even briefly worked for him doing his marketing. He is a great man that practices what he preaches. And he knows the real me. When we talk, we really talk. Have you ever met someone who can say anything to you, no matter how proud you are, and you completely them respect for it still? Nobody talks to me like he does. He is my doctor and therapist all wrapped up in one.

My appointment started with the standard question, “Why are you here?”, he asked. That’s when I asked him not to make me cry. He told me he would cry with me. And I unloaded and sobbed. Truly sobbed.

It was one of those moments I will never forget in my entire lifetime. And it was the start of my complete transformation.

In four weeks I have lost close to 20 pounds and even more importantly, my blood pressure is in the normal range.

There is no trick to what I am doing. I am drinking half my weight in ounces of water each day. I have given up caffeine, soda, milk, carbs and sugar. I am walking every day. And I am starting each day with a Juice Plus Complete shake. I am eating lean proteins with fruits and vegetables. And I am not cheating.

It’s amazing how determined you can be to stick to a diet when you are afraid for your health.

We parents, especially us single ones have got to take care of ourselves too. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. And you are the most important part of the equation in your family. If you don’t take care of you, nobody will.

Sending you all the love and support I can,


P.S.  If you would like to follow my journey to health on FB, I have started a page HERE.  I am hoping we can all use it to support each other.