Modern Day Pregnancy

What a blessing to be expecting! For many of you, this marks the second or third time you’ve experienced the pleasures (and sometimes pains) of pregnancy, but if you’re about to become a first-time parent, there is no end to the wonder of the changes you will experience – not only physically, but also as a family once Baby arrives.

I wish I could offer you a guidebook or baby manual to help you through those first few months, but there just isn’t one. No matter how many books you read (and we’ve got a few outlined for you here) or Web sites you browse, the answer to parenting is inside you. Our natural maternal instincts guide us through these times, supplying us with the answers we need when the time comes.

As a modern mom, you’ve probably read a few pregnancy books, talked to experienced friends, chatted on forums and questioned your doctor on everything imaginable. Even with all this knowledge at your fingertips, you are going to face some surprises that will be wonderful … and some that break the rules.

According to everyone I met in my first trimester, I was practically radiant – glowing. What a great way to start out, especially as my body changed and grew in ways I had never experienced. But it didn’t last (sorry to spoil it for you), and soon I was battling the challenges of changing hormones and my skin.

This months’ article “Making Sure You’re Skin-tastic”, on page 34, reveals many of the unwanted skin problems pregnancy brings, offering some safe ways to keep your skin looking great so you will continue to get those “glowing” comments and keep them coming through delivery. And turn to page 32 to find the scoop on the latest maternity products and gear for expectant mothers.

Another part of pregnancy that really surprised me was all the prenatal tests. Luckily, we’ve created a handy timeline to guide you through all your checkups and tests so no new mom has to be surprised. This list, on page 30, provides an outline of what to expect your doctor to recommend during your pregnancy.

A Charlotte mom and good friend of mine recently shared with me her funny story about the comical late-night feedings of her twin girls years ago. It was a tale of juggling babies on a Boppy pillow, learning the football hold, enduring a well-meaning baby nurse and trying to get one fed before the other exploded in tears. I laughed at her story of the nightly race to the finish. Of course, it’s easy for us to laugh now, since our children are old enough to feed themselves.

Also in this month’s issue, a local mom takes a look back at how she tackled the breastfeeding challenge with her twins, and she offers tips for those who have more than one mouth to feed in her story “Oh, Let Us Count the Ways ” on page 24.

When you’re expecting a child, whether it’s your first, second or third (or all three at once!) you’ll need access to plenty of resources, and we’re happy to be your No. 1 source. We’ve been helping Charlotte area parents for more than 20 years, and now, with our Baby Guide online, in digital magazine format, you’ll have access to doulas, hospitals, 24-hour pharmacies and parent support groups with the flip of a page.

As the temperatures rise and we get into the real heat of summer, remember to stay cool, keep the kids reading (and busy!), hydrate and enjoy each day as it arrives.

Eve White is the editor of Charlotte Parent magazine.