Meet Our Fitness Expert: Paul Sklar

Paulsklar 315

Founder of Prescriptive Fitness and former professional duathlete, Paul Sklar understands the roadblocks parents face when trying to start a workout regimen while balancing the demands of family life.

“For most of my clients, they’re running around with the kids and can’t find time for themselves,” he says. “That’s the number one excuse.”

Sklar’s advice? Incorporate the kids into your workout. The father of four has been known to turn a walk with his five-month-old son into a workout using the stroller as functional fitness equipment.

Using a baby jogger and his own body weight, Sklar was able to fit in a phenomenal workout in just 30 minutes and spend time with his child.

Still, some parents will feel guilty taking time away from their families to spend time getting fit. But remember, “Ultimately,you’re working out for your family” says Sklar. “You’re bettering yourself to better the lives of others.”

For 20 years Sklar has been in the business of helping people improve their lives through health and fitness and this, he says, is the most rewarding part of his job.

“It is an unbelievably rewarding experience to see someone understand what it is to be fit.”


Paul Sklar is the founder and director of Personal Training at Prescriptive Fitness.