Making Valentine’s Day Special for the Kids

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Valentine’s Day is this Saturday. I am not one of those people that gets all gushy for cupid and the Hallmark holiday. My husband and I keep it simple. But Valentine’s Day is also something the kids enjoy. With school out for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools this Friday, “friendship” (aka Valentine’s Day) parties are happening on Thursday. This is my first go around with Valentine’s Day in a larger class. During the preschool years, I was pretty shocked at how much time some parents put into creating special goody bags for the kids in the class. I’m not that mom, but appreciate those who are. 

I do, however, want to make Valentine’s Day special for my kiddo. Some of that comes from my dad always making it special for me. Each and every Valentine’s Day, not only did he get my mom something special, he got something for my sister and I. Most of the time it was a heart-shaped box of chocolate, but as we got older, the gifts became a bit more specialized. Regardless of what the gift was, the sentiment from my dad that we were his girls meant a lot, and I still hold on to that sentiment. Because I have that special memory from my childhood, I want to make that special memory for my child. Whether it’s a card or chocolate or both, or heart-shaped pancakes and a heart-shaped balloon, I’m going to make the effort because in the long run it is worth it even if it’s one more thing to do in my daily sprint!

We put together five Valentine’s Day hacks for parents that offer up something different and special to do for the kids, and they don’t cost a lot of money! And check out our Valentine’s Day page for an adorable Valentine’s Day craft that’s candy-free. And there are even more ideas on our Pinterest page! And I’m curious to hear, what do you do for your child for Valentine’s Day?