Making the Most of Family Time at the Holidays

Tips for making the most of family together time over the holidays.

Kelly Davis, wife of Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, is a family relationship expert. She offers the following tips for making the most of family together time over the holidays.

1. Do holiday errands together.

Whether it's gift shopping or cooking in the kitchen, it's always fun to do it with the entire family.

2. Start a new tradition that's specific to your family.

For example, our family wears matching pajamas during the Christmas holiday — even Thomas.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff.

So what if the line at the store took you an hour to get through? You will be enjoying time at home before you know it, and who needs the extra headache on things beyond your control?

4. Remember to only take on what you can handle.

We have learned that it is OK to set a limit on the amount of guests you have. Consider splitting the holiday into two smaller dinners on different days.

5. Teach your children the importance of being thankful.

Have them give something of themselves, whether it's their time volunteering, or some of their personal toys or clothing being donated, it's a great time for them to express gratitude with a giving heart.

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