Make Legroom on Your Next Road Trip

Puffy winter clothing plus sports gear can leave little legroom if you don't pack right. Here are my top tips.
Here's how to pack for your winter travels.

Winter 2018 is starting out cold and blustery for thin-blooded Carolinians, and most of us are unaccustomed to packing for it. 

Whether you're headed for a snow-cation in the mountains, or across the state to a basketball tournament, packing puffy winter clothing plus sports gear can leave little legroom in the car, even if it's an SUV. 

My top tips (scroll down for video):

  • Pack in thin layers instead of bulky ones, starting with a base layer
  • Use soft luggage instead of hard 
  • Use roll sacks and compression packs within your luggage

I wrote a free winter road trip guide geared toward families. It includes packing and road safety tips, car games, and more. Enjoy!