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Satterfield, Jamison-MD

Arboretum Pediatrics, 7800 Providence Road, Ste. 203, Charlotte, NC 28226
Category: Pediatrics


"Dr. Satterfield is truly the best! He cares about his patients and their families." – Heather Lundgren (2014)

"He is wonderful! He genuinely cares about all of his patients and makes you feel like you’re family. He takes his time with you and is a wonderful, experienced doctor. You’re in great hands with him! :-)" – Megan Howle (2014)

"I think he is the best pediatrician in the world because he is always very friendly and kind to my children . He also talk to them about school and say if you need anything let me know. When exit he says I Love y’all and have a blessed day !!! My kids are always excited to see him." – Jamerial McKinney (2014)

"Dr. Satterfield is a very caring and conscientious doctor. He has a great connection with kids and makes office visits less painful. His office is also conveniently located in the Arboretum area." – Tricia Gillis (2013)

"Dr. Satterfield always goes above and beyond for his patients! Our one son suffered a brain injury 6 hours away in West Virginia. Not only did Dr. Satterfield contact and stay in touch with the doctors and nurses there, when we returned to Charlotte, he did the same with our son’s caregivers here. He visited us frequently and really counseled us about our options and answered our many questions. He is compassionate and caring and puts himself in the parent’s shoes when treating their children. He has a terrific bedside manner with the kids and makes them feel at ease, but the kids also know that they can trust him. His level of care is amazing and you can call him outside of office hours and always get a response and a follow-up. We have three children from 20 years of age to 14 years of age and he is great with each of their age levels. He addresses age appropriate questions very professionally and sometimes with wonderful humor as well. Our older son has had a mild form of epilepsy for many years and Dr. Satterfield was a great resource and sounding board initially and then when we were looking for a neurologist and beyond. He continues to mentor my son, who is in college, about the importance of taking his medication. From our family’s perspective, Dr, Satterfield really has no equal. He cares about each child and really works tirelessly to make sure he is giving the best of himself to every patient everyday!" – Laura Erlenbach (2013)

"My children love him. We have had Dr. Satterfield for a doctor since my children were born. He goes above and beyond. Makes them laugh and does a great job with their exams. My daughter is now 14 years old and still wants to see Dr. Jamie. He’s outgoing and easy to talk to. The location is convenient for our family." – Cynthia DuBose (2013)

"Great location, awesome bedside manner, very knowledgeable" – Judy Orman (2013)

"Dr. Jamie is a wonderful caring and competent doctor." – Sharon Satterfield (2013)

"As a new mom, I’ve appreciated Dr. Satterfield’s friendly demeanor, as well as his willingness to answer all of my questions with patience. He is also very gentle with the baby!" – Julie Underwood (2013)

"All of the above. They are very accommodating, have Sat hours and can always get you in for a sick visit. Dr. Satterfield is amazing with the kids and also at explaining things to me as a parent. I never feel rushed when I am there and they never make me feel like any questions are dumb. I love Dr. Satterfield and am so happy he is my children’s doctor!!" – Allison Ackerman (2013)