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Miss Ava’s DIY $cience Camps

Charlotte, NC
Category: Academic, Specialty
Ages: 11-14,3-6,7-10

Hands-on Science Activities for Ages 4–12!

Miss Ava, locally known as “The Science Lady, has been offering hands-on science programs in the Charlotte area since she founded The Original Curiosity Camp on June 14, 1993. Parents are thrilled because their children learn so much AND there are lots of fun make-and-take activities.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, Miss Ava is offering some of her most popular programs as DIY Science to children who would like to do all the hands-on science activities in the safety of their home and to educators who have access to a facility where they could teach small groups of children.

Each DIY camp package includes:

  • Title Page
  • Flyer (for Teachers)
  • Supply List
  • Registration (for Teachers)
  • Roster (for Teachers)
  • Daily Lesson Plans for the Week
  • Step-by-Step Directions
  • Links to experiments and activities


Worksheet DIY Science being offered at this time include:

  • Building Dinos, $28 (NSES: A, C)
  • Catching Critters, $33 (NSES: A, C)
  • Earth Buddies, $45 (NSES: A,C, F)
  • Future Builders, $41 (NSES: A, B, G)
  • Nature’s Art, $30 (NSES: A, B, D)
  • Ooze, Glop, & Slime, $37 (NSES: A, D)
  • Rocket Launch, $19 (NSES: A, B, D, G)
  • Rock Hounds, $55 (NSES: A, D, G)
  • Safari Adventures, $36 (NSES: A, C)
  • ZAP! Electricity, $28 (NSES: A, B, G)

To Order Miss Ava’s DIY $cience Camps:

  • Go to missava.net/summercamps and choose the DIY camp(s) you would like to purchase
  • Submit payment to paypal.me/missavasciencelady OR send your payment through ZELLE at 704-942-8817. Mention your name in your transaction.
  • Email missava@missava.net and list the names of the camps you are ordering.
  • Miss Ava will attach the camp packages you are ordering in her confirmation response to your email!