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Charlotte Chess Center

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E Unit E, NC 28226
Phone Number: 704-906-0846
Category: Arts, Day Camps, Specialty
Program Type: Full-Day Camp, Half-Day Camp
Ages: 11-14,15
Fees: $175-$275/week

The CCCSA serves as an educational hub for chess in the Charlotte area; offering camps, classes and lectures year round. The Charlotte Chess Center will offer four Junior Master Chess Camps in the summer of 2020. These camps are great for complete beginners and students who have not played in a rated chess competition before. Students may attend more than one camp if they wish to take their game to a new level! Students are always placed in groups based on their skill level entering the camp. Typically there are 2-3 groups of 8-10 students. These half-day camps can be coupled with Engineering for Kids camp options to make a full day of learning and fun! There are also options for Advanced rated (tournament playing) students.