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Charlotte Chess Center

10700 Kettering Drive, Unit E Alderson, NC 28226
Phone Number: 704-906-0846
Category: Arts, Day Camps, Specialty
Program Type: Half-Day Camp, Full-Day Camp
Ages: 11-14,15
Fees: $175-$275/week

The CCCSA serves as an educational hub for chess in the Charlotte area; offering camps, classes, and lectures year-round.

The Charlotte Chess Center will offer four Junior Master Chess Camps in the summer of 2020. These camps are great for complete beginners and students who have not played in a rated chess competition before. Students may attend more than one camp if they wish to take their game to a new level! Students are always placed in groups based on their skill level entering the camp. Typically there are 2-3 groups of 8-10 students. These half-day camps can be coupled with Engineering for Kids camp options to make a full day of learning and fun!

There are also options for Advanced rated (tournament playing) students.