Lessons Learned From Losing Super Bowl 50

There are always lessons to be learned

Charlotte is supposed to be a happy, jubilant place today. We all thought Super Bowl 50 was going to be the one the Panthers claimed. But instead there are lots of bummed out Panthers' fans talking about how the game went wrong. We could dwell on what went wrong, that's what you do after a loss that's heartbreaking, but you also think about the positives, and next year.

My 6-year-old was expecting the Super Bowl to be a topic of conversation at school today. We talked about how they lost, and the fumbles, and tough-as-nails Broncos defense, but we also talked about how the Panthers played a good season. So here's the takeaway from the Super Bowl loss, and lessons to live by.

1. Teamwork pays off.

This team had fun together throughout the season. You could see it in how they played, you could see it in their touchdown dabs and dances, you could see it in the pictures all over the media. They worked together and that is what got them a 15-1 season and a ticket to the Super Bowl.

2. Be ready to change up your game.

The Broncos swarmed Cam Newton last night. He couldn't get the passes off like he usually does. Receivers were covered, and in general, the Broncos defense was a game changer for the Panthers. But in any situation in life, you have to be ready to roll with the punches. If your game plan isn't working as planned, be ready to make a new one.

3. Play hard.

Even when the going got tough, the Panthers kept trying. Endurance, never give up. Keep pounding! That applies to all the challenges of life.

4. Stay positive.

By halftime, the crew at my house was feeling down, but my husband reminded us there was a lot of time left to play. Ultimately, that time was lost to more Bronco touchdowns. My point: stay positive, support the team, chin up even when you want to get down. Positive support for your team, your group, your class, your family is always going to give extra energy and fortitude to push on through the tough times.

5. Be Mindful.

I watched Peyton Manning as he prepared to hit the field last night. He's a veteran, he's suffered the losses and has overcome the hype. Nerves and anxiety can get the best of anyone in new, potentially history-making situations. Whatever your history-making situation may be, remember, take a deep breath, calm the chatter in your head and stretch out the nerves before tackling any big project or game or task that gives you the jitters. Remind the kids of that too. 

I wish there was more to celebrate today, but the confidence of Cam, and the solidarity of the team will prevail again next season. Keep pounding!