Lead in Baby Products

Lead Update: Members of the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) said they purchased a group of products in January and tested them with a hand-held metal detector and then at a laboratory. The baby products tested with lead levels between two and nine times the federal legal limit for lead in paint (600 parts per million).

Below is a list of baby products that have tested positive for lead:
• “Pump in Style” breast pump made by Medela
• First Years “Natural Transitions” breast pump made by RC2 Brands, Inc., makers of Thomas and Friends products
• Playtex “Fridge to Go” vinyl baby bottle cooler
• NFL licensed Oakland Raiders baby bottle cooler
• A vinyl Skip Hop, Inc. “Pacifier Pocket” carrying case.

“Lead in any product for children (or product that children often come in contact with, (e.g. artificial turf) is a serious problem,” says Charles Marguilis, communications director and food program director for the CEH. “The American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, and other health authorities have said that there is no safe level of lead exposure for children.”

In mid-August of this year, President Bush signed a consumer bill that will reduce the amount of lead found in children’s toys and products. Under this new law, the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s annual budget will increase from its current $80 million to $118 million starting in fiscal 2010 and grow to $136 million over five years.