Keep On Moving!

Kathleencram 005

Another busy week! We enjoyed a weekend filled with soccer, lacrosse, running, and hockey! One of the key things we’ve been reminded of during this challenge is how much fun we are able to have as a family while staying active. I think we all equally enjoy either watching or participating in the activity! The kids are active spectators when watching one of their siblings’ games from the sidelines.  They have commented that they like to cheer for one another because they know how nice it is to be cheered for when they are the one playing.  They are genuinely excited for one another when they do well!  It is so great to share this as a family!

Sunday was a bit bittersweet.  Our Spring sports are coming to an end.

Regan and Neave each had their last soccer game of the season.  Although they were both so excited to receive their first trophy, it was sad to see the season come to an end.  What a fun soccer season it has been! Although they played on different teams due to their ages, they both had the same coach.  We were so lucky to have been paired with a fantastic coach to introduce them to the sport.  They will definitely both be playing soccer again! It has been an excellent experience and they definitely learned how much fun it is to play on a team!

Kelleen and Breanna had their last lacrosse game on Saturday but still have another weekend of practice before the season ends.  The season flew by!  They had another great season and are already looking forward to getting back at in the fall.  They each earned another trophy to add to their shelves.


We are looking forward to having a bit more flexibility in our weekend schedules but will miss watching all of the entertaining games.  Now that our neighborhood pool is open, I know we will be logging tons of swimming hours!

Hope you all have a great week!  Stay active!