Join Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for Library Card Sign-up Month

Written by Shannon Page, MLIS

Instagram PostImagine a world where we all could explore things through the eyes of a child; simplistically, vividly and creatively. Children have this invaluable propensity to simplify the most complex processes for their interpretation and understanding. We as parents, communities and educational organizations have the responsibility to help hone, nurture and develop skills like this and others in our children. So that one day, they will become the hope; the thinkers, the builders and the developers of their generation.

Are you wondering, “How do I prepare my child(ren) for their best futures?” The answer is a lot closer to home than you may think. Your local public library has an abundance of resources for families to utilize, and the best part is the majority of the resources are available at little to no cost.

However, there is just one catch. You all will need a special item to access this world of exciting fun, educational, instructional and resourceful information. You could make the comparison to that of a passport….



Join the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library for Library Card Signup Month! Your adventure awaits!

Sign up for a Library card of your own and check out the following electronic resources that place the Library virtually, at your fingertips:

Library resources – (

Children’s digital resources:

Attend virtual storytime – (

Find a book list just for you – (

Educational resources (

Virtual Library programs (

E-books and more: