Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?

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Photo Credit: YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Some summer day camps take children and young as 3, but young preschoolers aren’t always ready to go. Here are some ways that parents and children can be prepared for a great camp experience.

Make sure your child can handle the time apart.
Some young children have never been away from their parents, and a four-hour, half-day camp can be traumatic for parents and children.

Parents in this situation should begin preparing their child before the summer, says JJ Woodruff, director of youth services at the Harris YMCA. Sending a child to a friend’s house for a long play date is a good start. A full day of camp can be overwhelming for younger children. Woodruff advises easing in with a half-day camp.

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Make sure your child is potty trained.
Very few summer day camps allow children who aren’t.

Read the parent packet.
Most camps provide extensive information for parents. Read it carefully. Information packets contain crucial details about scheduling and what to bring.

Marty Minchin has two elementary-aged children and is a freelance writer based in Charlotte.