How to Travel with Kids on Meds

Don't let a child's medical regimen hold you back from taking a family vacation. Dr. Kilbane's tips will show you the way to stay on plan
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It's easier to manage a child's medication schedule while on vacation than you might think

Are planes, trains, and/or automobiles in your summer plans? If you have a child that needs to stay on medications, dietary supplements or a special diet you might think the complexity of staying "on program" means you can't take that dream vacation.

Don't lose hope.

These tips from Charlotte's integrative pediatrician Dr. Sheila Kilbane will help you and your child stay on program while everyone enjoys the trip.

​1. Take the original bottle with you, or take a photo of the label

You may need to prove to airline security that you have actual meds or might need a refill while you're gone. You'll need the label for both.

2. Put the meds and vitamins in a pill box

Vacation schedules can put you in a memory lapse: did Johnny take his med today? If you take a picture of the prescription's label, you might find it convenient to place each dose in an old-fashioned pill box that has a compartment for each day of the week. 

3. Incentivize them to stay on regimen

Dr. Kilbane suggests putting an incentive in each pill compartment. The reward could be financial or otherwise. This will help Johnny remember or remind you to give him a dose if he's on a refrigerated medication or supplement. 

4. Use cool packs 

About those refrigerated meds and supplements (like probiotics): you can keep them cool with gel packs, which can be purchased at grocery, drug and sporting goods stores.

Other tips for traveling with kids on meds

Dr. Kilbane reminds parents that it's important to stay on fresh, whole foods, especially on vacation when your everyday rhythms are shaken up.

And should you give your kids a dose of Benadryl? Dr. Kilbane reveals how and whether to do this in the video.

Dr. Kilbane's website is and includes great articles on a natural approach to health.