How to Make New Friends This Year

The Etiquette of Friendship: Tips for making and keeping friends.
Charlotte Today

Children, as well as adults, have the instinctive need to be liked and have friends. For some, making and keeping friends is easy, but for others, we need a little help knowing what to do. Below are 5 easy tips for children and adults alike, or you may click on the link below to watch a quick segment on Charlotte Today on the etiquette of friendship which explains even more!

Charlotte Today Segment with Aimee Symington – Click HERE


Tips on The Etiquette of Friendship

  1. Make a good first impression. Whether you are on the playground or at a party, it’s important to make a good first impression when meeting someone new. Walk up to new people and introduce yourself, smile, and ask questions of the other person. Exchange numbers or contact information or make a plan to get together again. It's also important to remember to be yourself and be real.
  2. Offer to help. If a child is meeting someone new at school for example, they can offer to sit together for lunch, introduce them to others, or play on the playground together, etc. An adult can make a friend by doing something helpful to the other person whether they are at work, in a playgroup or on a committee together. People appreciate gestures of help and in return like the person who is doing it for them.
  3. Include everyone. Gathering people together to play, for lunch, or for a party is a great way to get to know others and build on a friendship. When you extend an offer and include others, they will most likely reciprocate.
  4. Stay connected. Occasionally text your new friend, email something of interest, “like” their pictures or posts, or even call them to check in.
  5. Be thoughtful. Remembering someone’s birthday or special event is always appreciated. When seeing someone, ask about their previous trip or event that you heard about. Ask questions of them and how they are doing. Send a note by email or text to show support and caring.

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