How to get your sexy back for those beach days!!


Greetings Charlotte and Surrounding Area Familes!

The summer time is quickly approaching and for some women, the fact remains that we become increasingly aware of our body’s flaws, self-image, etc. as those beach months begin to come around.  I’m just getting back from vacation in Florida and had the same thoughts about being on the beach myself with the touch choice of wearing a one piece or two piece bathing suit.  Yet, for some it may be a task getting to the gym for various reasons but with making a few changes to your diet and implementing as few as 30 minutes physical activity per day, you may find the results rewarding.

So, based upon the advice and nutritional guide provided by a personal trainer, Devan Kline, you can follow a step-by-step plan customized to your needs.  Likewise, if you do not work with a personal trainer, you may implement some easy routines to help take the ease out of second guessing your personal diet.

Here’s some quick tips that I find that helps me keep me on top of my healthy A-game and it gets me through the day:

Mom on the Go Breakfast:  A fruit smoothie prepared with frozen organic fruit, soy/almond milk always makes a refreshing/healthy breakfast on the go alternative.  Plus, a fruit smoothie actually satisfies those annoying hunger pains as the mid-morning approaches.

Healthy Snacks:  I think that it is always easier to have a snack packed in your bag so that when you feel that hunger kick in, you can avoid fast food when you’re on the go, and instead snack healthy.  My favorite healthy snack alternatives includes apple slices, carrot sticks, and organic granola bar.

Lunch:  You can keep lunch simple with a salad, and reduce those calorie intake with sugar-filled drinks.  Sticking to water is the absolute way to go.  More so, if you like to flavor your water consider adding mint, cucumber, lemon, and ginger for a great taste!  Other water alternatives are naturally fruit infused water with your favorite fruit.

Dinner:  I absolutely love chicken, and so by sticking with my preferred meat choices and keeping light on the carbs, complimented with a green vegetable option…. You will be more than ready to get on the beach feeling sexier than ever!

For some great advice from subject matter expert, please visit Devan Kline’s website:

Have a favorite fruit infused water, breakfast smoothie or protein shake recipe you want to share? 

I want to hear about it!