Holiday Manners: 4 Tips for Handling Social Gatherings with Ease

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The holiday season is filled with social gatherings where manners and social graces are especially appreciated. Here are four tips from Aimee Symington, etiquette expert and creator of the game on manners “Blunders,” to help you and your family handle social situations with ease.

1. Use cell phones and social media wisely.
During a meal, put your cell phone on vibrate and put it away someplace other than on the table. If talking to someone in person, don’t answer a text or phone call while in the middle of a conversation. And do not post pictures or video on social media that might embarrass someone or make them feel bad.

2. Remember polite table manners.
Be patient and wait for everyone to sit down at the table before digging in. No burping or chewing with mouths open, and no cell phones at the table. Also remember to put your napkin in your lap and to pass food to the right.

3. Make a good impression.
Children and adults can make a great impression when they greet others with a firm handshake, smile, make eye contact, and say their full name followed by “It’s nice to meet you.”

4. Show gratitude.
Send a hand-written thank you note for gifts you receive and encourage children to write their own thank-you notes. Show appreciation to teachers, bus drivers, the garbage collector, etc. by giving them a small gift, something homemade, or a personalized card. Take this opportunity to give back to others in need and encourage your children to get involved as well.

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