Have Concerns About Your Baby’s Social Development? Take Part in This Duke Study

In Partnership with Duke Sense to Know Study

Do you have concerns about your baby’s social development?

Between 6-12 months of age, most babies will smile back at you, coo or babble, respond when their name is called, and show an interest in interacting with other people. If you have concerns, or know someone who does, we invite you to participate in a Duke child development study for infants ages 6-12 months. We are working to develop new, faster ways to assess child development using a digital app that parents use at home.

Duke child development experts created a six-minute “Sense to Know (S2K)” child development screening app that allows parents and caregivers to partner with us at home to learn about how your baby or child grows. Using the S2K app, babies watch short movies on an iPhone or iPad, and play a fun bubble-popping game at the end. By recording how infants respond to these movies, researchers are able to learn about child development. Duke experts follow participants’ development, and if concerns arise, children could receive an in-person evaluation at no cost.

3The study is open to families living in North Carolina and we are currently recruiting infants ages 6-12 months. Your participation will help us to better understand early development of children and improve their health and outcomes.

Throughout the study, parents have a chance to win toys for their children.  All participants need to have access to an iPhone or iPad, and all study activities are conducted at home.

To learn more visit sensetoknow.health, call us at 919-385-0843, or email SensetoKnow@duke.edu.